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Friday 20 April 2018 6:28am

6am - 10am now Mystic Morning Bob Marley
11am - 12pm Radio Selection
1pm - 2pm Radio Selection
2pm - 3pm Back to the Roots The fundamental
3pm - 4pm Dreadlocksless Selection Daily

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Daily 6am - 10am
Mystic Morning Bob Marley
Daily 11am - 12pm Radio Selection
Daily 1pm - 2pm Radio Selection
Daily 2pm - 3pm
Back to the Roots The fundamental
Daily 3pm - 4pm
Dreadlocksless Selection Daily
Thursday 8pm - 10pm
Emission RIDDIM Jamaican Music
Wednesday 10pm - 11pm
Dance All Together Reggae Selection
Thursday 10pm - 11pm
El Compressor Radio Selection


BoomShak Radio is created out of necessity to promote independent and local artists.

In a time where the IMAGE takes all the attention, it is ever more important to get back to the main subject:
Walking away step by step from mainstream, and bringing artists and listeners back together, are the main goals of BoomShak Radio.

Your music on BoomShak

To all independent artists, singer, sounds, riddim maker, producers send your mp3, links, picture and little description!

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